NameGush is committed to providing simple, safe and secure online domain name purchases. For all online purchases, NameGush uses for your protection and peace of mind. Using reduces the risk of online fraud for both parties thus the buyer and the seller. is a trusted third party, which collects, holds and releases funds online, according to transaction terms agreed upon by the Buyer and Seller. is a US government regulated and licensed escrow company that is compliant with Escrow Law.

NameGush only receives payment when you have received your domain name or group of domains. We are dedicated to assist you through the entire process.

Getting Started
Buying a domain name from NameGush has been simplified. The process of buying a domain name follows 8 steps:

  • The prospective buyer finds a domain name or names on our website
  • The prospective buyer clicks on the Buy It Now/Buy It button
  • Buyer reviews domain purchase details and registers/ logs into
  • Buyer and Seller agree with terms for domain name(s)
  • Buyer makes payment to
  • Once payment is verified, NameGush will arrange the transfer of the domain name(s)
  • Buyer accepts transfer of domain name(s) and confirms receipt to
  • Upon the successful transfer of the domain name, the payment funds are released to

Terms of Sale
Following the completion of the Escrow inspection period, all domain name sales are final.
Prices presented through the Escrow service may be a currency conversion into US Dollars ($). All currency conversions will be accurate based upon the start date of the transaction.
Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer will be responsible for paying all Escrow fees. Please review for more information on the Escrow fees. Buyer and Seller must comply with the full terms and conditions of does not instruct the seller to transfer the domain name until they have verified receipt of the buyer’s payment.
Your payment is only released to NameGush when you have confirmed that you have control of the domain and upon completion of an inspection period (usually 1-3 days). This process ensures a secure transfer between both parties.

Contact Us
For more information kindly contact via email